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FITs. FreeIndependent Travelers

Our sales consultants will design unique itineraries for your
travelers interested in culture, nature, soft adventure or
remote beach travel experiences in Brazil, even for the more
demanding luxury clients.

Grand VoyageTour Series

We work together with you to develop the best selling
itineraries for your market, negotiating competitive prices
and flexible conditions for your groups.

Incentive and Team Building Groups and Events

We are committed to provide the most successful travel
experience for your incentive group to Brazil. We will be
creative and personalized at the design stage, and excellent
in quality at the operations stage.

Educational Groups

Our preferred guides and our extensive knowledge of
the country will add value to your groups, including music
& dance, gastronomic, architecture, bird watching, yoga,
community, and other will bring you in-depth knowledge of

Specialty Services

• Expert private guides and incentive group leaders.
• Unique transport services including charter planes, yachts and
luxury vehicles.
• Partnership with local NGOs for private group activities.
• Top quality airport services and national airlines’ group tariffs.