The Amazon

Dense jungle, winding rivers and
extraordinary wildlife – a wonderland for incentive
expeditions and soft adventure

The state of Amazonas holds many secrets, a wild and wonderful place of unexplored rainforest
and rarely visited indigenous communities. With large areas of jungle still relatively untouched,
chance encounters and pioneering explorations of this vital ecosystem’s enthralling flora, fauna
and inhabitants are still abundantly possible. So what better way to uncover this trove of
natural and cultural treasures than with an engaging voyage aboard a traditional Amazonian
boat? Intimate visits to traditional fishing communities which line our route will round off your
group’s Amazon experience, one which is almost impossible to replicate, and never forgotten.

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Top Activities in the Amazon

Here’s a snapshot of a few popular highlights for incentive group travel to the Amazon.

Venues and Places in the Amazon

Discover unmissable destinations in the Amazon.

Seize the chance to participate in a river beach ceremony with torches and music