Hello friends,
Foz do Iguaçu, famous worldwide for the giant natural phenomenon of the waterfalls, is one of the most visited destinations in Brazil and Argentina by incentive groups every year. And it is to be expected, because such a vision is definitely overwhelming. But although it seems too much, Iguaçu is much more than its waterfalls; in addition to being surrounded by forests and exuberant nature, this classic destination has an incredible infrastructure to welcome groups while offering very special activities.

Today we want to present you a novelty that has been very popular among our visitors:

Casa do Chef

An experience of sensations and customs told through the different stories of Brazilian cuisine, in a six-course menu, finalized and set up in a cooking show, where the chef will explain how to prepare some of the best and most important dishes of Brazilian cuisine. It is a fun, playful and participative activity in which Chef Fabio entertains groups of up to 50 people in a pleasant atmosphere, full of aromas, flavors, music and stories.


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