Classic destinations are always an attraction for incentive trips. It’s about taking the groups to places that everyone should know, but that some have not had the opportunity to do so. They are places recognized worldwide either for their geography, architecture, music, art, cuisine or folklore.

The classics of Brazil for various reasons are Rio de Janeiro, Foz do Iguaçu and Salvador de Bahia. Brazil Planners, in addition to offering completely memorable experiences for your groups, proposes activities of social and cultural immersion in these three colorful cities, so that visitors can soak up the Brazilian reality and take home thrilling and at the same time transformative memories that touch deeply emotional fibers.

Nothing more representative of Brazil than the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.


Nothing more representative for Brazil than the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro; big event that takes place every year bringing people from all over the world. The colors, the music and costumes parade before our eyes spreading the joy and warmth of the Brazilian people. On this experience we’ll make a guided visit to the Cidade do Samba, a special place that concentrates many sheds where samba schools make their allegories. We will meet one of the largest schools in Rio and the social project Pimpolhos, we will learn about the history of the samba and the parades of the carnival, we will do a percussion workshop, we will have the opportunity to wear their costumes and attend some of the wonderful shows that this school has prepared; they really are from another world! And if that’s not enough, we can enjoy a delicious welcome caipirinha!

Coexistence and integration of the community.

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A project that is developed in the region of Alagados, known for its stilt houses built over the sea and occupied by low-income families with precarious food, hygiene and health situation. The project started in late 1991 when Joselito Crispim, a young community educator, joined a band of children due to the lack of entertainment options, to have fun doing percussion with cans, transforming this annoying diversion for some neighbors, into a social project. The Bagunçaço Cultural Group currently helps 235 children and young people involved in activities of dance, music, recycling and environmental preservation, literature and professional courses.

A unique experience with the indigenous community.

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When the Guarani receive a visitor in their village, first they hold a ceremony involving dance, food and tobacco ritual. Only afterwards do they converse and get to know each other. Through the Forest Experience, the Guarani invite you to live this experience, briefly immersing yourself in their culture, in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, at night, around a bonfire and accompanied by a traditional dinner shared with them. Every night is different because the celebration takes place according to what the Guarani are feeling, in harmony with the group since this is a participative experience. Come with an open mind and be prepared to experience a magical night unlike anything you have ever experienced.