Tropical and musical, steeped in culture and history; Bahia is an authentic and breathtaking destination for incentive group travel.

The bubbling melting pot of cultural influences and criss-crossing heritage which runs
throughout Salvador de Bahia is fascinating to uncover for anyone seeking a grasp of this great
city. The music and dance, food, raucous festivals, religion and ever-popular art scene of Bahia
will all provide an enchanting backdrop during your group’s tour. Team building activities,
learning about social or environmental projects, delicious meals in themed restaurants, and
theater presentations are all waiting to be uncovered. Take your group through the amazing
historical and cultural heritage of Brazil’s afro-Brazilian cradle.

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Top Activities in Bahia

Here’s a snapshot of a few popular highlights for incentive group travel to Bahia.

Venues and places in Bahia

Discover an essential place that you can not miss when traveling to Bahia

Enter the Convento do Carmo to be dazzled by one of Salvador's most exquisite architecturalgems.