These is VISA news… Can’t get more exciting for your australian, north american, japanese and chinese travelers!

Starting November 21 australian travelers who wish to visit Brazil will be able to apply for an entry visa to this country through an electronic document issuing system. The visa should be issued in a maximum of 72 hours after the request is made. This will also be valid for corporate travel.

In January 2018 this electronic system starts to work also for canadian, U.S. and japanese tourists. Dates have already been established: Canada, 8th; United States,15th; Japan, 22nd.

China, which has the largest travel market in the world, has reached an agreement with Brazil to issue visas with a five-year validity. To meet the new demand of Chinese tourists, Brazil will expand from three to twelve new Visas Centers in China in early 2018.

Visa Centers reduce, on average, from 45 to five days the visa allowance time. In Africa, Angola received a Visa Center this month; the country is responsible for 50% of the visas issued by Brazil for African tourists. Southeast Asian countries should have the same system: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are the priority countries.

According to Tourism Minister, Marx Beltrão, “visa facilitation aims to reduce bureaucracy and, above all, leverage the entry of foreign tourists into Brazil.” The expectation of the MTur is that the measure increases the entry of visitors in Brazil by up to 25%, according to data from the World Tourism Organization.

Other agreements with strategic markets for Brazil, such as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, should eliminate the visa requirement between the two countries.

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