Brazil Planners

At Brazil Planners, we provide exclusive services for international tour operators, travel agencies and incentive agents. We are here to ensure that your group’s incentive travel experience in Brazil is a resounding success!

Brazil Planners operates across popular incentive destinations in Brazil, such as Rio de Janeiro, Iguaçu Falls, the Amazon, São Paulo, Salvador and Praia do Forte. Within these locations, we constantly seek out new activities, amazing venues and fresh accommodation options, so that we can offer creative incentives and team building events, while simultaneously maintaining excellent quality operations. We also personalize experiences in up-and- coming cultural and
nature destinations for incentives that are mostly known for domestic events, such as historic events in Minas Gerais, nature-based events in Bonito, resort-based events along the Atlantic Coast, or safari trips in the Pantanal.

Some of Our Most Recent Incentive Groups

The best way to understand how we work is listening to those who have traveled with us before…

Why is Brazil Planners Different?

We cultivate creative, responsible and quality incentive travel experiences in Brazil, supporting our clients and group planners throughout the entire process – from proposal stage, through sales, and during on-the- ground operations at the destination itself.

  • Personalized programs for small, medium and large groups
  • We can create both well-loved and off-the- beaten-track routes
  • Team-building activities immerse visitors in Brazilian culture and nature
  • We are B Corporation certified
  • Professional Liability Insurance of 1M USD
  • Risk Management Plan and Emergency Protocol locked in place
  • We partner with NGO’s for private group activities and CSR initiatives
  • Highly trained specialist sales team for incentive travel
  • Regional offices in Amazon, Rio de Janeiro, Iguaçu Falls and Northeast Brazil
  • A rigorously curated list of the best guides in Brazil
  • Favorable contracts with esteemed Brazil hotels