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The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, being one of the largest events in the country that attracts visitors from around the world, is one of the experiences that the group can live at any time of the year!.

But how?

The Carnival Experience is a program created by the samba school Pimpolhos da Grande Rio, an NGO made up of young people who are dedicated to promoting social interaction and education through the carnival culture.



In this activity that takes place in the Carnival backstage, your incentive travelers will carry out team building activities and learn a bit of the talents that are required in the Carnival, to end with a spectacular gala night!


The program of the Carnival Experience is part of the institute’s socio-economic sustainability and is born from the need to diversify the source of income to ensure the continuity of these cultural projects. So in addition to having an incredible time, we will all be supporting this important initiative for the community.

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